Reinstall High Impact eMail 6 Professional
Posted by Roy Chowdhury on 25 June 2015 05:17 PM

You can follow the below steps to reinstall your copy of High Impact eMail 6 Professional:

Step 1: Backing up your saved information and templates from your existing High Impact eMail 6 installation. (If you have no saved templates, skip these and proceed to Step 2)

a)      Open up ‘My Documents > High Impact eMail 6’ folder. Then, right-click on the "My High Impact eMail" folder, and select Copy.

b)      Navigate back to your Desktop. Right-click on your Desktop, and select Paste. You should see a copy of your "My High Impact eMail" folder on your Desktop.

c)       Once you have reinstalled High Impact eMail, you can copy and paste this folder back into My Documents > High Impact eMail folder and replace the existing "My High Impact eMail" folder. When you are asked to replace existing files/folders, select "Yes to All".

d)      If you are looking to save your mailing lists, you can Export the lists from the Mail Merge->Manage Mailing Lists section.

e)      You can import everything back into High Impact eMail once it is reinstalled.

Step 2:
 Now you need to uninstall your current copy of High Impact Email 6 using High Impact eMail 6 Cleanup Utility.

When you use this utility, the program is completely removed and you are able to go ahead and install the new version of our software. We suggest backing up the "High Impact Email" folder in your My Documents prior to running the cleanup (as described above) if you'd like to save your created templates. You can download the High Impact Email 6 Cleanup Utility from this location:
High Impact eMail 6 Cleanup Utility Download

Step 3:
 You will now download the latest build of High Impact eMail 6 Professional. Please make sure that you SAVE this installer file to your desktop or another location on your computer prior to running it.

High Impact eMail 6 Professional Download

You will have to use your existing Unlock Code and ReadyShare account details to reactivate the program.

If you face any issue with your Unlock Code, please Submit a Ticket.