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TemplateZone Updates OfficeReady 4.0 for Microsoft Office 2010

September 08, 2010

TemplateZone Updates OfficeReady 4.0 for Microsoft Office 2010
Cambridge, MA– TemplateZone updated their pioneering desktop publishing designer, OfficeReady 4.0, for Microsoft Office 2010. Templates included in this build of OfficeReady 4.0 open seamlessly in the newest version of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Fully compliant with Microsoft Office 2010, OfficeReady 4.0 remains a top Microsoft add-on for small businesses who want to create their own extraordinary print marketing materials right from their desktop. OfficeReady templates for useful business forms and unique, engaging marketing materials allow small business professionals to spend less time on designing, calculating and organizing and more time on growing and generating revenue.

Installing OfficeReady 4.0 inserts a dedicated tab in Microsoft Office Applications that allows users to easily access templates for documents such as newsletters templates, flyer templates, product sheets, sales report, order forms and other necessary business and marketing documents. 

OfficeReady 4.0 provides professionally-designed Microsoft Word templates, pre-formatted with useful formulas Microsoft Excel templates and sleek Microsoft PowerPoint templates.

Every office template design is easily customizable with Microsoft Office’s formatting tools and OfficeReady’s built-in editing features, such as a robust Photo Editor and PDF Converter, which are intuitive and require little effort to learn.

To learn more about how the smart, stylish Microsoft Office templates in OfficeReady 4.0 can save your business time and money, visit: http://templatezone.com/microsoft-office-templates