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TemplateZone Releases Office Policy Manual for 2011

October 19, 2010

TemplateZone Releases Office Policy Manual for 2011
With the new Office Policy Manual 2011 businesses can build a trustworthy and comprehensive employee handbook that includes Human Resource forms, job descriptions, and over 300+ labor posters.

Cambridge, MA - TemplateZone introduced Office Policy Manual 2011, which includes employee manual templates that provide employers with expanded social networking guidelines, updated employee privacy policies and disaster recovery plans, new guidelines for handling violent situations, and mandatory labor forms and posters for all fifty states.
An employee manual is an indispensible reference for companies, and Office Policy Manual 2011 makes it easier than ever to create a solid employee handbook. An office policy manual can prevent disputes while providing the necessary structure for a professional work environment. By clearly defining office conduct policies an employee manual protects employees from discrimination and protects companies from discrimination and harassment claims.

Office Policy Manual 2011 gives small businesses a head start with 140+ policies and 50+ human resource forms pertaining to leave, compensation, insurance, attendance, travel and more. The H1N1 guidelines, disaster recovery procedures, and plans for handling violent situations guarantee that workplace catastrophes are handled quickly and consistently.

Office Policy Manual 2011 includes a complete plan for businesses and a distinct plan for non-profit organizations. Users can easily customize handbooks and human resource forms with company logo and other information by creating a profile that is automatically inserted into each template. All content is fully editable in Microsoft Office. 

Office Policy Manual 2011 covers a comprehensive set of electronic policies including acceptable Internet and email policies, virus protection and more. Office Policy Manual 2011 also includes new relevant social networking policies that provide behavioral guidelines for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and viral video sites like YouTube – as these tools increase in popularity, it becomes necessary for workplaces to clearly define acceptable use in their employee manuals.

In addition, Office Policy Manual 2011 comes with a collection of posters that includes every up-to-date federal labor poster (FLSA, OSHA, EEO, Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and more) as well as specific labor posters and forms for all fifty states. Office Policy Manual will help engage potential employees with 75+ professionally-written job descriptions in fields such as Human Resources, Operations, Facilities, Marketing and Sales, Administration, Accounting and Finance.

Office Policy Manual 2011 is now available on TemplateZone.com (http://www.templatezone.com/office-policy-manual-templates) for $99.95, and users of previous versions of Office Policy Manual can update for just $59.95. For a limited time, Office Policy Manual 2011 is bundled with TurboProject 4.0 Standard – a full-featured project management system that allows users to keep track of resources and easily create and update project schedules, a product valued at $89.95.

Office Policy Manual 2011 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Home/Pro (32- and 64-bit). All templates for employee manuals, business documents, human resource forms and job descriptions are easily editable in Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003 and XP.