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TemplateZone Launches High Impact eMail for SendBlaster

July 07, 2010

TemplateZone Launches High Impact eMail for SendBlaster

Cambridge, MA - TemplateZone released a version of their popular email marketing template program, High Impact Email, designed specifically for multi-award winning industry-leading desktop email marketing software: SendBlaster (www.sendblaster.com).


High Impact eMail is now available to SendBlaster customers as an affordable email design program – no knowledge of HTML required. For only 99 EUR (VAT excluded), customers can simply download and install High Impact eMail for SendBlaster for access to hundreds of unique email marketing templates & powerful editing tools.


SendBlaster users can quickly create a branded email marketing piece by inserting their company logo, images and copy. With a single click, a completed email design is uploaded to SendBlaster for easy, efficient distribution.


“High Impact eMail is a perfect companion tool to SendBlaster” – states Raffaele Serusi, Marketing Manager at eDisplay. “Our customers can now customize stunning email templates in a very easy and effective way, without writing a single line of HTML code.”


Jim Kinlan, the CEO of TemplateZone, affirms that “SendBlaster is a particularly easy-to-use email marketing application – we believe that High Impact eMail’s templates and tools, similarly intuitive, greatly enhance SendBlaster’s functionality.”


The High Impact Email software is available to SendBlaster customers effective today. Learn more about SendBlaster, and download a free 30-day trial of High Impact eMail for SendBlaster, here: http://www.sendblaster.com/high-impact-email.


About KMT Software (“TemplateZone”):


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, KMT Software was established in 1991. They are a leading supplier of high-quality content for Microsoft Office, as well as other desktop applications with easy-to-use templates and add-ins that expand functionality. KMT Software is committed to helping small- and medium-sized businesses look professional while saving time and money.


About eDisplay srl (“SendBlaster”):


eDisplay srl is an European software company providing solutions and tools for web marketing, targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses worldwide. eDisplay products includes both standalone desktop applications and online services designed to be very user-friendly, easy-to-use and affordable.