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Jigsaw and TemplateZone Partner to Offer Tools to Enhance Marketing Outreach Efforts to Jigsaw Contacts

February 26, 2009

Jigsaw and TemplateZone Partner to Offer Tools to Enhance Marketing Outreach Efforts to Jigsaw Contacts

CAMBRIDGE, MA - Premium Jigsaw accounts now include a free copy of TemplateZone's High Impact Email 5 Professional or OfficeReady 4.0 Platinum, arming Jigsaw members with the marketing software tools needed to create communications that stand out and get noticed.


TemplateZone, a leader in small business productivity software, announced today a partnership with Jigsaw (http://www.jigsaw.com), a leading provider of business information and data services that uniquely leverages user-generated content (UGC) contributed by its global business-to-business (B-to-B) community, to provide Jigsaw's community of 700,000 B-to-B members marketing development resources. Now, directly from their premium memberships, Jigsaw members have free access to TemplateZone's High Impact Email 5 Professional or OfficeReady 4.0 Platinum software programs, in order to create professional emails or documents for corporate communications.


"Individuals turn to Jigsaw to begin their outreach--connecting with targeted and accurate business leads and contacts--and with value-added resources such as TemplateZone, we work with our community from start-to-finish. With easy access to tools that create impactful and professional emails and documents that get read, we're helping the Jigsaw community to create effective and efficient business outreach," said Jigsaw's CEO and co-founder, Jim Fowler.


For a limited time with an upgrade to or existing premium membership account Jigsaw members will have the opportunity to select at no cost one of TemplateZone's software products for improved marketing communications.


TemplateZone's High Impact Email 5 Professional: When communicating via email, a plain text message tends to get overlooked or lost in a massive inbox. Great looking HTML email designs can help solve this problem but tend to be expensive, limiting companies to one or two static designs. High Impact Email 5 Professional is a cost-effective email marketing solution that allows users to send eye-catching HTML email correspondence from a variety of customizable agency-quality templates. The easy interface leads from start to finish -- no HTML coding or design experience is necessary. Once the email is designed, the software will send an individual and personalized email to each contact in the Jigsaw contact list through the user's own Microsoft Outlook, ACT or Gmail account.


OfficeReady 4.0 Platinum: Providing businesses with the power of a design firm right inside their office, the OfficeReady software includes a wide array of Microsoft Office templates for any documents, forms or marketing materials needed to effectively run and market a business. Because the templates work with Word, Excel and PowerPoint, users can easily find the design for their task and use the tools they are familiar with to get it done. The product also includes a mail merge feature which automatically imports contact data into the templates eliminating the need to retype each contact into every correspondence piece.


More information and access to Jigsaw's TemplateZone offer available here: http://www.jigsaw.com/company_information/TemplateZone_Upgrade.xhtml


About KMT Software:


Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, KMT Software was established in 1991. They are the creators of TemplateZone.com (www.templatezone.com) and a leading supplier of high-quality content for Microsoft Office and other desktop applications with easy-to-use dynamic templates and add-ins that expand functionality. With a community of over 2,000,000 users, KMT Software is committed to helping small- and medium-sized businesses look professional while saving time and money.


About Jigsaw:


The Jigsaw community of 700,000 B-to-B members and more than 600 enterprises use the Jigsaw directory of user-generated business contact data to access information for 11 million business contacts and 2 million companies. Jigsaw delivers low-cost and easy access to high-value business information that can be used to identify key decision makers and people for purposes such as customer service, marketing, recruiting and sales.