OfficeReady Marketing Plans

Marketing Plan Template Software With Built-In PDF Publisher

OfficeReady™ Marketing Plans

OfficeReady™ Marketing Plans

OfficeReady Marketing Plans: Marketing Plan Templates, Microsoft Office Templates
Create a Marketing Plan With Easy-To-Use Templates for Microsoft® Office
OfficeReady Marketing Plans Features:
  • Marketing plan template documents with outlines and instructional text
  • PowerPoint templates for professional presentations
  • Integrated Excel spreadsheets equipped with useful number-crunching formulas
  • Worksheets to create impressive tables and charts
  • Built-in PDF publisher
  • Free informative e-book to guide you through the process
7 Reasons to Use OfficeReady Marketing Plans:
  • Integration with Microsoft Word & Excel

    OfficeReady Marketing Plans lends advanced text processing features and powerful calculators to Microsoft Office’s existing toolset.

  • Easy To Use

    Focus on articulating your marketing plan, not on learning how to use the software. OfficeReady Marketing Plans works with programs that you already know how to use: Microsoft Word and Excel.

  • Researched & Written By Experts

    OfficeReady Marketing Plans includes detailed sample plans and pre-formulated Excel workbooks. Knowledgeable business school professors, including Dr. Steven White (University of Massachusetts), have lent expertise to developing formulas for pricing analyses, competitive comparisons, and more.

  • Publish Plans as PDFs

    The built-in PDF converter lets you easily publish your marketing plan document as a PDF file – a format ideal for electronic distribution.

  • Look More Professional

    Create the most polished and well-formatted marketing plans, period. The documents in OfficeReady Marketing Plans designed by layout experts and look fantastic.

  • Compatibility With International Markets

    OfficeReady Marketing Plans is perfectly suited to developing business plans for world markets – it not only supports A4 paper and currency, it detects them.

  • Flexible & Customizable Marketing Plan Templates

    Easily tweak your business plan document – and the numbers that underlie it – to meet your needs. This flexibility appeals to CPAs, consultants, and other business financial professionals.