Ultimate Marketing Calculator

74 Essential Microsoft® Excel®-Based Marketing Calculations

Ultimate Marketing Calculator

Ultimate Marketing Calculator

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Plan the Success of your Business with the Ultimate Marketing Calculator

Create marketing plans that are essential to your business’s success with 74 expertly-designed Microsoft Excel templates covering forecasting and budgeting, direct advertising, marketing, pricing, competitive analysis and much more.

The Ultimate Marketing Calculator allows you to develop a clear understanding of your customers, internal strengths and competitive environment – your initial computations will evolve into a vision of how your business will compete in the future.

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With the Ultimate Marketing Calculator, you can easily calculate:
  • The lifetime value of your customers
  • Acquisition costs of customers by promotional campaigns and promotional payback analysis
  • Return earned on time invested in individual customer accounts
  • Updated economic metrics such as forecasted email sales and web site traffic
  • Price estimates for goods and services
  • Sales and marketing ratios like selling expense ratio, inventory turnover, mark-ups and mark-downs, and average collection period
  • Score cards and similar comparative analysis