Ultimate Loan Calculator

Calculate Mortgages, Auto Leases, Loans & More With 29 Microsoft® Excel® Worksheets

Ultimate Loan Calculator

Ultimate Loan Calculator

Microsoft Excel Templates - Ultimate Loan Calculator Excel Templates

Make Smarter Financial Decisions with the Ultimate Loan Calculator

Get 29 pre-formatted Microsoft® Excel®-based worksheets for instantly calculating payments on mortgages, auto leases, student loans and more. Build personalized payment plans and add colorful charts to visually illustrate your computations.

The Ultimate Loan Calculator is an Excel-based application, so there are no new programs to learn. Just enter your data and select the payment frequency to prepare a money-saving schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Ultimate Loan Calculator

Find the following types of worksheets for Excel in the Ultimate Loan Calculator:
  • Amortizations
  • Comparisons based on monthly payments, taxes and amount of interest
  • Qualifiers, so you’re sure to get a loan that you can afford
  • Calculators for a variety of loan-related inquiries (interest penalty, consolidation, benefits of extra payment, etc.)
  • Time value of money


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