Ultimate Financial Calculator

Debt Ratios, Bond Values, Liquidity Values & More In One Integrated Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Ultimate Financial Calculator

Ultimate Financial Calculator

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Solve Common Financial Problems Easily with the Ultimate Financial Calculator


In one integrated Excel workbook, select from 40+ worksheets written by experts to conduct your financial calculations. Armed with this incredible tool, users are able to solve every financial problem encountered on a daily basis.

With the Ultimate Financial Calculator, you can quickly compute:
  • Debt and profitability ratios
  • Monthly lease payments, mortgage, etc.
  • Loan pay-off amounts
  • Housing affordability
  • Value of bonds, and annual yields if held to maturity
  • Book and liquidity values
  • Annual rate of return required to meet a financial goal
  • Real rates of return after tax return, and ascertain taxable equivalent rate
  • Net present values of investments with up to 15 years of cash flow