Ultimate Everyday Calculator

Microsoft Excel Calculator Perfect for Everyday Home & Personal Use

Ultimate Everyday Calculator

Ultimate Everyday Calculator

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Effortlessly Work Out Everyday Mathematics with the Ultimate Everyday Calculator

No need to feel challenged by estimating, calculating, converting measurements, or working with geometry: the Ultimate Everyday Calculator is the ultimate interactive mathematics reference guide.

Integrated with Microsoft Excel, it walks you painlessly through calculations that help solve everyday problems – from ascertaining how many square feet of carpeting is required to finish your basement to figuring out your child’s batting average, ERA, and slugging percentage.

Some topics covered in the Ultimate Everyday Calculator:
  • Conversions for temperature, metric liquid & dry measures
  • Statistical calculators for sports such as baseball, basketball, football and volleyball
  • Home-renovation formulas for wall-framing, stairs, painting, adding drywall, bricklaying and more
  • Common measurements and estimates of things such as amps, degrees, wind chill factors, land areas, square feet, board feet, time, distances and speeds