Why Upgrade to High Impact eMail 5?

Upgrade to High Impact eMail 6

Upgrade to High Impact eMail 6 - Email Marketing Template Software


What's New In High Impact eMail 6?
  • Unlimited free access to Full template Library for HIE Platinum users
    With HIE 6 Platinum, you now get free perpetual access all of our HTML template designs at TemplateZoneStore.com. You now get access to over 1,300 HTML template designs. There are designs for retail, real estate, a plethora of holiday designs as well as other categories like newsletters, catalogs, invitations, product announcements and advertising and sales events. This access normally costs $150 a year for existing and new template designs. You now get this subscription for free, forever.
  • Now send your email campaigns using any SMTP service
    In addition to Outlook, Gmail and ACT, you can now utilize any SMTP mail service, like SendGrid, JangoMail SMTP, Mailgun and many more. With SMTP email providers, you can take advantage of reliable sending and very low costs. There is no need to worry about ISP limits, speed and email reliability.
  • Improved support for Amazon Simple eMail Service (SES)
    Now you can send email through Amazon Simple eMail Service (SES). It’s simple to sign up for an account with Amazon SES. And with your signup, you can send as many as 10,000 emails per day for free! With High Impact eMail, we make the connection to Amazon effortless. This simple, reliable and highly deliverable email service will bring your email marketing to a new level.
  • ReadyShare Storage Doubled for Platinum users
    With HIE 6 Platinum, we have doubled your Readyshare space to 10 Mb from 5 Mb. This increased storage gives you more space to upload images and mailing lists to ReadyShare.
  • New Mobile Ready template designs
    Our template library now includes many mobile ready template designs that faithfully render across mobile and desktop devices.
  • Dropbox integration
    In addition to Readyshare, you can insert images in your email designs directly from your Dropbox account. This new functionality lets you insert images as well as other files directly from your Dropbox account.
  • New Spell Check capability
    You asked and we listened – this requested feature has been on our customer wish list for some time now. We are glad to include this new feature in High Impact eMail 6. With our spell check functionality, you can avoid the embarrassment of a misspelled word.
  • New modern interface with greater support
    High Impact eMail 6, retains the same easy to use features with a new more modern updated interface with advanced support for the latest operating environments.